Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bentleigh's Sunday Market - Early Bird

6.30am!!!!! That's the time I was being picked up by Fashion Recycled for our trip to The Bentleigh Sunday Market.

Why the early start? Well this is covered in the Blog piece Fashion Recycled did, some very handy do's and don'ts.

I'd like to thank Charles Angus, Market Manager at Bentleigh Market for taking the time to answer a few questions I had.

He's luckily backed up Fashion Recycled early AM start and advice by confirming " Get in early, don’t be afraid to haggle."

I must admit I'm rubbish at this.  To be fair though one of the items I was eyeing up was a vintage cup and saucer from New Zealand.  I received a coffee machine at Christmas and all my mugs are far too big so I needed one (I needed - okay I'm still arguing with myself over this one!!).  The lady was from NZ and before I even said anything she said "Everything is half the marked price"

I ended up chatting a bit to her and it was clear she was trying to go home empty handed, luckily I was planning to go home with hopefully something in at least each hand.  She had three cups with matching saucers and although I only wanted one they were only marked $2, I was unsure if that was for just the cup or for the pair.  I did my maths though and figured I'd happily part with $10 for the six pieces.

Had I had my caffeine fix I would have realised $12 was what she should have charged me but by then I'd forgotten about the whole 1/2 price conversation - It was still bloody early okay!!!

Anyway she charged me $3 and then pulled out three matching plates and asked if I wanted those too?

"Will you come round for coffee and cake on these?" I asked Recycled Market


So I ended up getting three cups, plates & matching saucers for $3 - my maths was fuzzy but I wasn't about to haggle.

The Avondale Selection 70's tastic
I did need them - the coffee tastes much better!!

It was busy but not frantic when we went, there was minor road rage occurring for parking when we left at about 9.30 though.

The donation suggested is only 50c which is lower than many markets which have a gold coin donation the proceeds then go to a variety of charities including Bushfire & Flood Relief.  Charles has told me in Feb 2009 they dedicated the gate and market donations to the Australian Red Cross which totalled over $5,000!! Guilt free shopping!!

He's obviously a big fan of what he does and speaks of the inviting atmosphere, they must be onto something  "There are many stallholders who exceed 5, 10, and 15 years “continuous service”. A few are in the 20 – 25 year club. One gentlemen is a second generation stallholder, who started when he was just 17 years old."

When I asked him why he thought the market was so popular with the public he said "Buyers like the variety of goods offered, the bargains, and hopefully realise that their patronage of our market enables us to help others in the community.'

Bentleigh Market is a great little market in a perfect location, just over from Bentleigh train station.  There are a few cafes close by so I say why not get out of bed early one Sunday morning and have a look, the variety of things being sold should suit those who have a passion for op shopping.

Thanks again to Charles Angus - Check out Bentleigh Market's website here or get in touch on Twitter @BentleighMarket

For a bit more of a visual here's their YouTube video