Sunday, January 22, 2012

Caribbean Gardens Market

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Well after my trip to Bentleigh Sunday Market last week I was in the mood for some more market adventures so I persuaded Mr Op Shop and Op Shop Jnr to head out to the Caribbean Gardens Market in Scoresby.

It wasn't what I expected.  As a big fan of op shopping the market was a let down, this doesn't mean it's not a decent market though.  There were rows upon rows of stalls selling a huge variety of things but to me it lacked the excitement of a trash and treasure market as most of the items were new and very, very cheap, so cheap it made me question in some areas how legit or ethical they could possibly be.  Great for a bargain hunter but not this bargain hunter.

I'm pretty sure I saw Happy Feet Two on sale.

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I'm not one to dwell on the negatives though and there are positives to this market.  It's location is great, especially for families.  So much greenery, so much space to run and play for the children.  There were about three playground areas that we spotted, a bouncy castle, a train that goes around the grounds a river cruise and a chairlift (see website for more info on these). 

I can see why it was so popular with families, there were stalls selling fresh fruit and veg, pancakes, smoothies, cakes and a cafe as well as a take out.  There were also lots of BBQ areas in the lovely grounds and plenty of seating and shade.  I bet a lot of shopping is done here whilst the kids play outside.

Would I go again?  Yes but not for the reasons I went today.  I think it was worth the $2.50 I paid but I don't think I'd be a regular.

The Caribbean Gardens Market has been up and running since the 70s, it covers over 100 acres, it has also introduced a Babes to Kids and Maternity Market selling new and preloved things, 1st Friday of each month - that may be more my cup of tea.

I did buy some lovely handmade peppermint and oatmeal soap though and we may have tried the pancakes!!

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The grounds were the highlight for me.


River Cruise

I must remember to take my own pictures in future!! 


  1. Thanks for the market review. It's always nice to know what to expect before you go.

  2. Thanks Clare, it was a strange one. I enjoyed it whilst I was there but it's not one I'd visit too often. Great for fruit & veg though and quite a few plant sellers.

    Let me know what you think if you make it there.