Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kylie - My Arch Enemy - But She Op Shops!

Mr Op Shop has always had a thing for her so since I had a thing for him Kylie and I are no longer friends..... he feels the same about Jake Gyllenhaal & Ewan Mcgregor though!

I'm talking about the gold hot pants! Here is a very old Rove interview from about a decade ago with Kylie in an opshop talking about the op shop find.

These hotpants made it to the Victoria & Albert Museum for Kylie - The Exhibition

Today, the vintage hot pants, purchased for about 50p (less than a dollar) and never intended for the Spinning Around video clip — “I wore them for a ‘Nerds, Tarts and Tourists’ fancy dress party - I’ll leave it to you to imagine which one I went as!” says Minogue — are housed in Melbourne's Performing Arts Museum. “They’ve lost a bit of their shine!”

I love finding out about these sorts of stories, I love thinking that hidden away in some op shops are items that will one day see more than the light of day again but will be in the spotlight.

Here is the video in question!


  1. Oh I know what you mean...finding some obscure item thats in mint still my opshoplove heart. :)

  2. Great story, I had no idea of the provenance of the most famous gold pants in the world!

  3. I haven't even told Mr Op Shop I've written about her yet, I'd never live it down!