Monday, February 6, 2012

$50 Wedding Challenge

Okay I've put the stamp on the RSVP and I have just under under two months to do this!!

The wedding is the first week of April and the theme is Hawaiian - I've set myself a $50 spending limit to get my outfit.

To make clear at the start, I can wear anything I already own (there's a very high chance it's from an op shop already!!) such as shoes, bags, accessories, coat....

I am looking for a new dress though and it needs to match the requested theme.

I am not doing this.....
 The coconuts may not be big enough.
I am not doing this....
Green is just not my colour
I am tempted to get a dog just to do this....
But a dog is for life and my cat would kill me!!

I'm hoping (dreaming possibly) to find something along these lines

About triple my budget if bought online but I believe they come with a free hair clip.

I've had a quick check on Etsy with a $50 cap and there are a few out there for inspiration.

Maybe a little bright for me but pretty good for under $25.

From ViralThreads on Etsy
Bit pricier at $40 - shipping on top would blow the budget.

A basic shift style with a Hawaiian print is an option

from 24thAvenueVintage on Etsy
A bargain at under $20!

I'm also thinking I can play it safe/easy (which may happen come mid March) and choose a plain outfit and "island it up a bit"

I was thinking something like this from a Recycled Fashion tutorial in a Hawaiian pattern from a Hawaiian shirt

Recycled Fashion plastic bottle cuff 

Or a fabric belt with a plain dress
What are the chances I'll stumble across a pair of these under $50 and in my size?

Karen Millen tropical print heels from
Well the hunt is on - I've at least given myself some inspiration!!

All hints, tips & suggestions gratefully appreciated in case I'm missing an angle!

If all else fails I'm taking it out on the cat!!

"You bloody dare" cat from


  1. how fun! I don't think I have ever attend a hawaiian theme wedding party. The first two outfits are hilarious and I am glad you're not attempting them. I think I like the maxi floral dress, looks pretty for a wedding day. It would be nice to have some cute cats and dogs dressed in nice happy shirts at your wedding too. Hope you find the prefect dress and decorations. I am feeling so excited for you!


  2. Thanks Mongs!

    It should be a fun wedding, I'm just wondering if the bride and groom will go all out full on hawaii or will be a little more reserved!
    I'll hopefully be able to take some pics to share after their special day.

  3. All of those dresses are gorgeous, the pink one is my favourite!

  4. Fun theme for a wedding1 I hope there's a lot of fabulous kitsch there! Those dresses look great.. looking forward to seeing what you end up in!

  5. Well I've been in a few op shops since I did this post and no luck so far but that just means more looking!
    There were coconuts at the grocers though!!