Thursday, February 2, 2012

I love Op Shops on Facebook - Melton

I love Op Shops on Facebook !

I've had my Facebook page I Love To Op Shop for a few weeks now and have been in touch with some lovely people from around Australia who so far have been as enthusiastic about op shopping as I have.

Jenni is the manager at Melton Uniting Church Op Shop their Facebook page is here

I asked her to tell me a little about the op shop

"Well what can I say. The Melton Uniting Church Op Shop has been going strong for 37 years in the same location. Some volunteers have been there that long. Most of the volunteers are 65+ with our eldest being 87. Mostly women volunteers."

Last year it was decided they needed a full time manager. This is where I come into it. This position has been an interesting journey for everyone. For some, the changes that had to be made have been hard. I came when big extension in the shop had just taken place.

Our shop sells clothes for all, bric a brac and furniture.

The hardest part of the job is deciding what to keep for the shop and what you pass on go other entities.

The best part is friendships formed with customers, become like family.

The worst part is clearing the rubbish dumped each week.

Huge thanks to Jenni for taking the time to answer my questions!!

The image above is one of the hardest for me to comprehend as Jenni has advised most volunteers are 65 plus, this is not what they should have to be dealing with - Makes my blood boil!!

On a better more positive note, these are some of my favourite image from their Facebook page that reflect some much better donations - bear in mind I'm a sucker for the retro these are just my picks!

If you're heading to Melton you can find them opposite the train station at 18-20 Brooklyn Road, Melton.


  1. what delightful tour of the OP shop. It gets me excited and feel like thrifting right now. When I am a granny I want to volunteer too at the store!

  2. Thanks Mongs! I know what you mean, I'll be there as long as I get cups of tea through the day I'll be happy to help!