Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Joy of .... Pyrex

Headed for a quick op shop fix today and came out with these vintage Pyrex bowls from my local Salvos Store

Now I know a couple of them are Pyrex but I'm not sure about all of them but I don't care because I like them, I feel much the same way about clothes, furniture ect.., If i like them I like them.  It doesn't matter to me if it's Kmart or Karen Millen, Supre or Sass & Bide!! If I like it I like it.

There's a lot of love for Pyrex online though and I can see why, gorgeous patterns and bright vibrant colours are going to appeal to a lot of people and that's not even touching upon their practical use.

Check out some of these for more info and Pyrex adoration!

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Here are some of my favourites

From Etsy seller 860 Vintage

c/o  CravenMaven
c/o Apron Thrift Girl
Now my next aim is to cook some lovely things in them and slowly start replacing the cookware I never use with cookware I can't wait to!

What to you think of Pyrex?


  1. I love the Pyrex that you've found! How great. I also love your theory on if you like it, you buy it. So often I hear about these amazing brands that are found, but I'm not picky, I good find is a good find.

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  2. Love Pyrex. I don't keep the bowls for space reasons, but we have (way too) many rectangular casserole dishes. I can cook up to four casseroles in the oven at once with the rectangular ones. They also double as loaf tins for cake baking.

  3. The pyrex in the last photo frame my very own Mum owned one just like sad I didn't keep a few of her vintage pyrex dishes when she moved away. We had huge estate sale. :( LOVE pyrex! as did my Mum. ;)