Thursday, March 8, 2012

Op Shopping - with a hint of Twilight Zone

Bizarre Op Shopping You Tube Pick - odd, very odd!!

About Betty - from her website "Loving life through the eyes of a headless mannequin. Challenge me and watch my adventures in making the mundane 'mani-licious' "
Betty Bucket on an op shop tour

From Betty's Facebook Album
I love the fact it's for the over 18's only!!

Betty had her own site

She tweeted @Betty_Basket

She also had her own Facebook page

Betty golfing from her Facebook page
"Sunday Golf  - Golf on a Sunday, a great way to relax,
Dressed up in my groovy plaid slacks.
Milk jug at the ready to go with my pink tee...
Where oh where is my darn Caddy?
I only hope this golf club is not an axe!

She seems to have gone quiet but we appreciate her work to date!!

Anyone seen or heard from Betty recently?

Is it me or is this slightly out of the ordinary?

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