Friday, March 2, 2012

Salvos Windsor Launch

Just a quick post beacuse I have Entourage on DVD to watch!!

Big thanks to the Salvos Store in Windsor for going to so much trouble to launch their store and inviting the public to come along to the event - You did yourselves proud!

It's a boutique op shop and it was full of colour, variety and quirky eye catching decor.

I love the floral mannequins dotted about the store.

We (I got to a lift with Recyced Fashion) arrived for the 6 o'clock start although I was tempted to stop for a drink first in Chapel Street as my public outings without Op Shop Toddler are now few and far between.  We were good this time though and went straight there!

Huge selection of ladies clothing, mens clothing and childrenswear along with books, shoes, homeware and furniture.  The presentation is just so good!

The staff also seemed really excited and enthusiastic about the event too.

I've done my best not to take pictures with anyone else in them but there were lots of people milling about and more importantly queues for the changing rooms and cash registers!!

The store was open as normal and there were also a couple of auctions going on, a great way to please all types of buyers.

I also got to meet A Little Boutique From Home who was hovering near a lovely bag being auctioned off as I left.


Some of the lovely homeware at the store

And this........

well it bought a big grin to everyone who saw it!!

I saw two lovely lamps and by the time I'd circled the store they'd gone... boooooo, next time!

Well done Salvos - I'm a big fan of your old stores and I'm a big fan of your new one's too.  I hope the night went well and the registers continue to have queues.


  1. Hi!

    Love your blog and facebook updates! As an addicted op shopper now living in New York, I love getting a taste for my home town and the wealth of amazingness that can be found in op shops! Am yet to discover the thrifting gems in this city!

    All the best,


  2. Hi Chanee

    I bet there's some thrifting to be had in NYC though to? I follow a few blogs who seem to find some amazing things.

    I'm from the UK originally so was a charity shopoholic, I much prefer the term opportunity shop now.

    Thanks for your lovely comment and I'll keep the posts and updates coming!

  3. Awesome Thanks.I love your blog.