Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Comedy Op Shop Tour - Thumbs Up From Me

An op shop tour that packs in quite a bit more!!

Such a funny trip, I loved it.  Joanne O'Callaghan was a very bright and bubbly host and had the bus load of shoppers smiling before the bus had left.  Clearly keen for us all to have fun and enjoy the trip she kept us entertained on and off the bus.  She asked for a list of what was wanted and there were shouts of "Thomas The Tank Engine, who wanted Thomas The Tank Engine?", "Allanah Hill, I've got Allanah Hill"...

The tour began at 9.30, no messing about.  Stragglers beware you will be left behind and rightly so - there's too many other op shoppers and a timetable to stick to.

We hit five op shops between 9.30 - 1.30, all great shops - you can also read more about the tour on Recycled Fashion's blog piece and  A Little Boutique Near Home, Laura was also feeling the early start and also had to work the next morning!

Op Shop Stops
Sacred Heart in South Melbourne
Sacred Heart St Kilda
Salvos in Balaclava
Vinnies in Malvern
Sacred Heart in Hawthorn.

I've never been in a Sacred Heart Op Shop so was a bit spoilt - fantastic feel to the one's we visited.  I'll need to do some homework on them for another blog piece I think.

There were some other great comedy acts to keep us entertained between shops - all of which are featuring at the Melbourne Comedy Festival at the moment.

Nicolette Minster in part of Girls,Uninterrupted who had me at the very use of the phrase fatty boomba http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2012/season/shows/girls-uninterrupted-louise-joy-mccrae-nicolette-minster-in/

Neil Sinclair - who's jingle for "Neil's Electrical" is still in my head - http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2012/season/shows/panic-neil-sinclair/

Mercedes Benz who had the bus laughing and the passing traffic doing double takes! http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2012/season/shows/awkwardly-mercedes-benz/

"Big John" was also worth a mention - He's pictured here with his op shop purchase "Trouble" for his 9 nieces and nephews (all from one brother he added hence the reason Trouble was appropriate!)

The Vinnies Store was great too - lovely and big, we even got a 20% discount for being on the tour

Few things that caught my eye!

loved the colours on this

vintage Singer sewing machine

beautiful displays in Sacred Heart

Huge thanks to Joanne for such a well planned tour that was well thought out and funny to boot.  I'll be back!!

Please check out the Facebook page for more info http://www.facebook.com/opshoptours and the website (due to be ready for the public to view mid May I think)  http://www.opshoptours.com.au/

c/o michelledunn.com.au
The next one is coming up on Wednesday 11th - see the website for more info http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2012/season/shows/op-shop-tour/ 


  1. an op-shop tour? *faints* that is just about my idea of heaven! i've a good mind to organise one for my 40th...i was looking for something novel to do!

  2. Was a very fun and well organised day. Get in touch with them as I know they do offer tailored tours.

    Would be perfect for quite a few events.

    Let us know if you do - would love to see some pictures, my only suggestion would be to pull over before you cut the cake :-)