Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GIVIT - "create a ripple of positive change"

I've come across this site a couple of times in the past 12 months but following an Op Shop Tour and a recommendation for a lady from Sandlewood Op Shop I decided to investigate further.

I'm on a committee for a not for profit and every cent counts when you are running on empty, this is the case for many not for profits, charities and individuals across Australia.  GIVIT is a great way of seeing what is needed or of posting items available to those who are needy.

Thanks so much to Juliette from GIVIT for taking the time to answer some of the questions I had.  More can be found on their website also http://www.givit.org.au/

Juliette has said "We REALLY are trying hard to help ease the effects of poverty in Australia. Our goal is to ensure people get exactly what they need. We believe there is such a large amount of items beneath people's stairs, in their cupboards, garages that can truly benefit people.

When I started GIVIT the second item that got donated was for a young homeless mother who didn't have transport from her new accommodation to get the child into daycare. The GIVIT Community gave her a bike with baby carriage that allowed her to get the baby to the centre and get a part time job and raise money for a car. It really is very very simple things that make a tremendous difference:

- an iPod for a boy with schizophrenia
- clay for a disabled centre
- utensils for a previously homeless man
- nail clippers for a man with mental disabilities
- closed toe work boots for a homeless family so the father can get work in the roads.

What has been the biggest challenge for GIVIT since it's launch in 2010?

There have been several including unexpected attention during the Qld floods - and the massive responsibility we felt in channelling all the offers of assistance directly to people in need.

What sort of charities and NFP's benefit from the donations?

25% of donations are for homeless people or people who are entering into assisted accommodation after being homeless
8% donations for women and children domestic violence
15% single parents struggling
20% of items for those with physical or mental disabilities

We also allow charities to request items (15%) so they are not continuously fundraising for items for their center.

Can you give a few examples of how the donation system works?

You can either view the GIVIT List http://www.givit.org.au/The-givit-list.aspx or add any quality items to the GIVIT virtual warehouse which is only seen by over 500 charities.

You can see the transport method required before you commit. GIVIT is just a match maker.. We don't do transport.

How can people help to spread the word on GIVIT?

Join GIVIT to receive the weekly List of what is needed – specific to their area
Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/GIVIT_AUS
Read Juliette’s new Blog

Are there items needed on an ongoing basis?

We are continuously requiring items people use every day including fridges, washing machines, beds, bedding, children’s toys, cutlery, garden tools.. the list changes every day.

There is a Charity in St Kilda that requires 16 cots. We would love the Victorian Community to donate portacots, and cots

Thanks so much Juliette.

GIVIT is expanding nationally and I can vouch for how well it has worked, I joined and I did not ask for big things, just everyday basic essentials that would help our centre tick over.  We have received three items to date kindly donated by strangers.

This arrived in the post one day from a lady who had them left over and read a post I'd made, you would be surprised how big my smile was and how appreciated it is for my NFP centre.

The vision on the GIVIT website

To become a global giving network that reduces human suffering

These are some of the items on the GIVIT list now

CD Player


Bike Pump

If you are a donor or a NFP/Charity I think GIVIT is worth a shout out and thanks again to Sandlewood Op Shop (you know who you are!!) for making me go back and have a closer look at this fantastic initiative!

This quote is on the GIVIT website

I like them so much I'm adding them to the new page of my blog - My Op Shop Friends. 

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