Thursday, April 5, 2012

Op Shop Ball 2013? I'm Banking On It.

I sooooo wanted to go to the Variety Op Shop Ball in Melbourne but I had a wedding the next day and $150 for a ticket was a little too pricey for me this time - it seemed a jam packed worthwhile night though and finances won't beat me if it's on next year.

I'm a strong believer in where there's a will there's a way

From Variety website

I have a plan though and it will take just $3 a week

From Kaboodle

It's currently in a take out container though so I'll be on the hunt for a prettier tin or piggy bank from.... you guessed it an op shop!

Anyone with me?  Anyone else saving up for something special?


  1. I'll try and aim to make it next year too!

  2. Yeahh!! Just need to confirm it's still on, I haven't budgeted for a flight to the NSW one!!