Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Show Us Your Op Shop Goodies!! Giveaway time!!

This has taken me a while but I figured let's start May off with a new giveaway!!

Another chance for us to showcase why op shops are top shops!  You can include your op shop buys, the one's you left behind or the one's in your op shop now if you work or volunteer at one.

They can be the beautiful, the bargains or the bizarre.

Huge thanks to Suellen who's offered up a copy of her "Op Shoppers Guide to Brisbane and Surrounding Areas" for this giveaway.  Please see her website for more information on the guide born from the love of the op shop (I think a few of us can relate!!)

More info is on the website http://www.opshoppersguide.com/ and the Facebook page Brisbane Op Shopping
Op Shoppers Guide to Brisbane and Surrounding Areas

"For those who are looking to find the best bargains in and around Brisbane, The Op Shoppers Guide to Brisbane and surrounding areas, containing over 200 pages, is the book for you." Op Shoppers Guide

How to enter

Just upload a picture to the Faceboom page here http://www.facebook.com/ILoveToOpShop
Tweet me a picture here https://twitter.com/ILove2opshop

I'll add them all to an album called May Op Shop Giveaway and then people can just vote by commenting "dig it"!! 

I'll total the "digs" in two weeks on Sunday evening, 13th May 

Got to go now as I've been sucked into
a) The Walking Dead - Season Finale on FX
b) The Voice!!

Like I'm not easily distracted enough as it is already!!

This was my pick from last night - sorry to go off topic!!!

Happy op shopping all and thanks for all the support on the page, Twitter and blog to date, I've enjoyed the past few months!!

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