Monday, May 21, 2012

What I got at the op shop today

Rough week here with the first of the winter colds hitting the three of us but it turned out I got time in three op shops hassle free as Op Shop Jnr more than happy to be wheeled around rather than causing chaos.

He had been bugging me to leave the house all day despite his ongoing cough so I decided it had warmed up enough for an afternoon trip out.

This is a bit of a routine for us, the rule is if he behaves well in an op shop for ten minutes or so he gets a good play in a local nearby park.  Today was the height of excitement because not only did it involve a train trip but the most exciting thing ever happened (according to Op Shop Jnr) - the ticket machines were stickered not in use in the three stations we attempted to get our tickets from.  He will be talking of this for weeks no doubt!

I managed to add to my very small tea cup collection with these 70s cups and Op shop Jnr scored a bag of Cars toys.

I love the shaped handle to this one, it's marked Corelle by Corning and was made in the US

This is a quote from Wikipedia "In 1953, Dr. S. Donald Stookey of the Corning research and development division invented Pyroceram, a white glass-ceramic material capable of withstanding a thermal shock (sudden temperature change) of up to 450 °C (840 °F). It evolved from materials originally developed for a U.S. ballistic missile program, and Stookey's research involved heat resistant material for nose cones."

Ballistic missiles!!!!  I think this is called the Spring Blossoms Green or (my favourite) Crazy Daisy pattern

Now to find more, I could buy it online though but it's not the same, here's some beautiful examples

Etsy collection

This is another pattern I adore and it's marked Royal Tuscan Balmoral, now Balmoral to me makes me think of the Queen and her holiday home which straight away made me relax and part with my cash!

More history of Tuscan Tableware can be found here they were later bought by Wedgewood.

I'll be on the lookout for more, especially some like these

from A little vintage
Another question is how did I miss the above blog!!

Happy Op Shopping people!

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  1. Holy Ballistic teacups Batman! You learn something new every day. Good find - I have to employ similar bribery if I take mine anywhere near a charity shop, although the eldest is learning they are a fertile source of his favourite 'beast Quest' book series. We'll make second hand shoppers of them yet!

    Thanks for linking up - would you mind please linking back to the page in your post?

  2. My Mother had the crazy daisy pattern dish set. Pretty much my whole childhood I ate off those plates. (I think she told me she got them as a wedding present.) Some got broken throughout the years... but others lasted and lasted. Mom still had a few in the cupboard a couple years back until she exclaimed "These dishes would last forever I am going to buy something different" Now whenever I see them I think back to the days when I would ride my banana seat bike without a helmet and play with my Jem Barbie.

  3. Hi Lakota, bribery is essential if I want more than three minutes in an op shop!!

    Vintage Coconut, thanks for sharing - now I'm thinking back to Jem Barbies!!