Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chelsea Heights Salvos Op Shop

I packed the car with about 4-5 bags of donations as I headed out to this store, it's one of my locals and has bins that are emptied on a regular basis which makes it very simple to donate.

I had Op Shop Jnr and Mr Op Shop with me on this trip as it had been a quiet afternoon and he wanted out.  Mr Op Shop was dragged along to control the chaos, he wasn't too keen but there was no complaining after I mentioned we were heading out the following day to watch him play Sunday Soccer ....again.

The store is like most Salvos I have been in, well stocked and well organized with a logical layout.  It's only a couple of years old so the floor space is big as it's slightly out of town in a large newly built store.

They have a lovely big selection of womens clothing and at reasonable op shop prices, I saw some decent vintage dresses for under $10.

The toys kept op shop Jnr busy and I got to spend about an hour here.  It helped that the heavens opened and we didn't want to get soaked going the short distance to the car park.

There's furniture at this store too.  I saw dining tables and chairs, dressers, sofas and desks.

The whole back wall of the shop has is lined with book cases for the readers out there.  I'm about to be sucked into the world of 50 Shades of Grey so I didn't spend much time here, I didn't find any Thomas The Tank books though for Op Shop Jnrs collection.

I spent most of my time browing the awesome selection of homewares, these are presented well and all grouped by colour which looks great.

They also have menswear and childrenswear, shoes, bridal, bags, craft, material, bedding......

I didn't buy anything here (which is very rare)  but I had been in three op shops earlie in the day!

 I thought these were cute

Where - /1-5 Hartwood Court  Chelsea Heights VIC 3196
(03) 9773 8052
Opening hours - Mon-Sat 9-5


  1. One of my favourite op shops, great review, very cute little vases

  2. One of my favourites too although I haven't been there for a while. It is always well set out with lots of good homewares.