Saturday, June 30, 2012

Op Shop Shopping

Just thought I'd share a quick post about something found at the op shop for one of the men in my life - Op Shop Jnr.

It's been pretty fresh this winter in Melbourne but still sunny so this wooly peaked cap has been really handy.  Most of this outfit is actually from different op shops too.

Hat  - Family Life Op Shop
Jacket - Brotherhood St Laurence Op Shop
Blue Spiderman hoodie - Brotherhood St Laurence Op Shop
Jeans - St Chads Op Shop
Shoes - Vinnies
Total outfit came to under $20

Getting a bored of posing!
Biggest smile from Op Shop Jnr when a policeman told him what a cool hat it was, he is now telling everyone it is a cool hat a policeman told him it was.

Why is the sun in the sea? Good question, ask your Dad

Recycled Fashion

This week I'm (attempting with my lack of blog knowledge) to link up with Recycled Fashion's finds - Wish me luck!!  I'll also be entering the Brag Your Buys competition she's running with the Brotherhood of St Laurence - Have a look here for more info, it is open nationally and internationally and there are a few prizes.

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