Saturday, July 28, 2012

OP Shop Show and Tell

Op Shop Jnr did well this morning, I feel it was karma as we dropped off three bags of things we no longer needed.  I finally parted with a very pretty book on floral quilting, I bought it hoping it would inspire me to start but 6 months later it seemed a bit pointless so I decided it was only fair to hand it back to an op shop.

We picked up a pair of Converse in great condition.  They are two sizes too big but I have a box in his cupboard for larger clothes I just can't pass up.  Two sizes are my limit though.  I have  coats, hoodies, shoes, t-shirts... He's only three so I'm hoping I've got a couple more years before he refuses to wear certain things.

Op shop Jnr's Converse
I also find it's a really good idea to buy classic clothes even in the wrong seasons because the chances of them being there when needed will drop, that's when everyone else is looking for knits, warm coats, boots, scarves....

Op Shop Love on the Blogs

This is just a roundup of some that caught my eye, please feel free to link up below if you'd like to share an op shop score!

How appropriate is this first one bought off season unless you count Christmas in July?

c/o A Little Vintage Dolls
I'm a sucker for the traditional Christmas colours! Heaps more op shop scores on the blog though here

A must read is Kimba's Op Shop Shoes - The Rules.  A great bog piece on the do's and don'ts of buying shoes from the op shops/garage sales/markets....  As you can see from the start of my blog I do buy shoes but I do pick them up and check for the obvious first. 

c/o Kimba Likes
More stylish finds on Friday's Kid.  Now I won't be getting away with any sort of cropped top for a while but you can see below to find out why.  Truth be told though a cropped top has been out of the question for a few years now anyway but that's got more to do with the bowl of English toffee nuts I've just picked through!!

C/O Friday's Kid
Some super sweet love for blue and white china from Lady Melbourne

c/o Lady Melbourne

Some op shopping reminders

The Variety Op Shop Ball is held on the 10th August in Sydney, how much fun does this look?!!! See their website for more info

Recycled Fashion is still running the thrifty fashion competition Brag Your Best Buys and has some great entries - including Op Shop Jnr!  I must get around to entering something soon! Here are a couple of my favourites

Desiree c/o Recycled Fashion

Emily c/o Recycled Fashion

Op Shop News

How exciting does this look, I'll be following. This is taken from the Perth Fashion Festival website 

"Fashion can be fabulous and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Perth Fashion Festival has partnered with ten Perth fashion bloggers and seven charity organisations to show how even the most frugal of fashionistas can get that runway worthy look!

Ten fashion bloggers will buy nothing new for the month of August and will post daily looks on their blogs.

30 Days of Restyle features; Vintage Valley, Gin in a Teacup, Bonnie Friday, Love thy Muse, Blonde Suburbia, Hug Sized, Peanut Moonbeam Knickers, Le Fanciulle, Sass & Spice and Love from Shell.

Check out their campaign pics and blog links on the PFF Restyle website link:

Follow us and 30 Days Of Restyle on Twitter: | #30DaysOfRestyle"

c/o Perth Fashion Festival

And finally here's a picture of something I'm pretty sure you can't get in an op shop but it will help explain the upcoming blog/Facebook updates about how I will soon be shopping for stretchy/maternity/tent type clothes!!  Op Shop Jnr is due to be joined by Op Shop Baby in January.

c/o my expanding waistline
Again, feel free to add some links to any of your blog pieces on op shopping, thrifting or charity shops or email me if you want me to include your finds on the next Op Shop Show and tell piece.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend xxx


  1. Wow. congrats on your baby bump! Im sure will find many fabulous mat. wear!


    1. Thanks Heidy, my current baby bump is the wobble I never lost following OP Shop Jnr now all pushed up with Op Shop Baby now taking up more and more space!! He/she will be a summer baby so I think I'll be coveting long stretchy maxu type dresses on my op shopping trips.