Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Op Shop Gift Inspiration - Fabric Craft Gift Box

I saw this whilst browsing Pinterest, somewhere in my second or third hour so it wasn't time wasted hahahahah!!!

How sweet is this for some crafty friends ♥ ♥ ♥

C/O Pinterest
If you're crafty is this something you'd appreciate or is it too much down to personal taste?

They could be themed to make them more personal like a vintage, classic, infant, floral collection...

Vintage stash from Things to Make and Do Blog

Floral stash from Orange Daisy

Bit specialised maybe but an extinct collection ! C/O Spoonflower

I find it so hard to buy useful presents nowadays when most of my friends have everything the need or want just about.  There is always room for chocolate or wine though!

Do you think this is something op shops could do with decent fabric off cuts, buttons, zips....?

Baby inspired craft gift box C/O Pinterest
It would be a great way of recycling fabrics, maybe a bit time consuming though.

I may have a go at putting a few together and seeing what they look like.

Let me know what you think :-)



  1. Fabulous ideas there, and it makes everything so much more appealing.

  2. They do look good, I'm really hoping to make them from op shop sourced material so may need to build up some fabric to make sure they compliment each other :-)

  3. I like the idea, as well. Let me know if you'd want to trade sometime in the new year. I could send one from the states and then we could both blog about what we made. :D