Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thrifty Wedding - 1000 Paper Cranes

I saw this on my Sisters Pinterest board and figured this was something I could help with, how pretty do they look as backdrops!!

From Nate Henderson Photo
Cranes are said to live for 1000 years and are considered mystical or holy creatures in Japan, they are symbols of good fortune and longevity.

They are also seen as representing fidelity, as Japanese cranes are known to mate for life.

If you fold 1000 paper cranes there is also the belief that you will be granted one wish, 1,000 cranes folded as a group are known as a Senbazuru. 

From the Utter Blog

From Nashville Wedding 101

I got my printable PDF here from Operation Migration

First attempt took me bloody ages!!  There were a few mutterings along the lines of "screw this" "does this look like a crane or a pigeon?" and 'they must have missed something out because this isn't right"!!!

I've had quite a few well read copies of Better homes and Gardens sitting around for a while.  I tend to buy them when I'm out and about with Op Shop Jnr, we have an agreement that I get a look in an op shop then he gets a trip to the park.  They are normally around 20-50c and I buy them hoping to read them in the sunshine with a coffee.  In reality most of the time he's insistent I play hide and seek, push him on the swing or play some sort of game so I read them at night.

Beautiful bright photos and patterns work really well

Florals in abundance!

I found I could get 20-30 good pages per magazine, good means 70-80% bright or colourful graphics with minimal or no text.  The interiors, garden and food sections were great.

Cutting the pages into squares

Slow start!!

I considered buying new paper or "special origami paper" but am loving the variety of colours and I think they are working well.

I'm aiming for 1,000 but apparently a collective effort is still okay (for my sister anyway she says!)

Looking pretty!
I'm not naming them all but this is Gloria and she's about number 6
I've hit the 60 mark but Op Shop Jnr has had tonsillitis so lots of time at home and when he's poorly he just wants his Mum within vision most of the time.

I have a year but hoping to get as many as i can done before the arrival of Op Shop Bump.

Try them and trust me after about the tenth crane you don't need the instructions, the first ten are the trickiest!

I've worked out they can pack quite flat, I think I'll post them this way and then they will have to be strung and popped out once they get to Wales where they may be hung from a tree if the weather is fine or hung from a few walls or ceilings.

They are also said to be lucky if hung in the home.

It's believed the maker of the cranes must make the wish, It will be aimed in my sisters direction.

Now this should keep me out of trouble!!


  1. What a fabulous idea! You're right, the mix of bright colours works a charm. I'm tempted to give this a try myself!

    1. It's taking a fair bit of time, I have made about 150 or so with 48 odd weeks to go!
      Good luck!