Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Would Nanna and Poppa Want - You Decide

On Saturday I persuaded Mr Op Shop and Op Shop Jnr to head to Dandenong for the closing weekend of the Savers Store.

It was busy, busy, busy but bearing in mind EVERYTHING was under $2 by this point I'm not really surprised.

I needed a pink top for the Melbourne Breast Cancer Bra walk, I left with
  • Pink top
  • A dress
  • Christmas t-shirt for Op Shop Jnr
  • A book
  • A spy glass to go with Op Shop Jnr's pirate outfit
  • A Christmas book picked by Op Shop Jnr - he's allowed one thing and this was his must have item as there were only about twelve toys left and all were deemed "baby toys" with a hint of disgust!
Pretty pleased as they all came to $9.50

It wasn't until today that we had a closer look at "Op Shop Jnr's book" It is not Op Shop Jnr's but a book clearly belonging to a boy I will name "Mackson Toffitt"

By the end of the book we know where Mackson lives, his birthday and who his buddies are.  Within ten minute's we'd found him and two of his friends via the power of Facebook, I would guess they are now about mid twenties. Mackson currently has 999 friends, how is that possible?

How would Nanna and Poppa feel to know their well thought out Crimbo present had been op shopped?

I wonder if Mackson will be sat up waiting for Santa like he did all those years ago? According to Facebook he might be watching Marley and Me though.

I wonder if they have all been good boys this year because we all know Santa only makes his deliveries to good boys and girls (I think I may have disproved that theory a few times though)

The magic of Christmas explained... sort of

"I know all about you said Santa" - I know a fair bit about Mackson since my trip to Savers too

"It's the message of love that comes with each present, that's the important thing"
(see Nanna and Poppa abve)

Now what I'm thinking is

A) This sits unread for 360 days of the year in Op Shop Jnr's cupboard for a couple of years

B) It goes back to an op shop after Christmas

C) We make sure Mackson Toffitt gets a Christmas gift sprinkled with "sparkle of stardust" and a reminder that "It's the message of love that comes with each present, that's the important thing" from an anonymous source.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think Nanna and Poppa would want?

Do I leave the Savers sticker on the back?


  1. HeHe Poor Nanna & Poppa.
    Send it, might have to mention you came across it in case he thinks your a weird stalker who likes to steal and re-send Christmas gifts!
    Send it love from Santa :-)

    1. I feel a bit stalkerish!! We were just amazed it was that easy to find this guy after joking about sending it back to him.

      We thought it might come from the Christmas Angel on the tree who happened to be in Dandenong for the Savers closing sale. :-)

  2. Haha, what a gorgeous story! My thoughts are send it back....with a letter made up of cute up newspaper & magazine letters and sign it off as 'from anonymous - aka santa' hahahaha. :)Kel:)