Sunday, January 6, 2013

From Baby Changing Table to.....

I saw this in a magazine and now know we won't be selling the change table once it's been used for it's original purpose.  I then did a bit of "Googling" to avoid actually nesting and saw a few more ideas.

I'll probably have time to do them in two years!!

But wait there's more.......!!!!

Ice Cream Parlour!! C/O
Change table to potter :-) C/O

Cat bunk c/o

Any favourites?


  1. I've been looking at liquor trollies all over the web and I want one so I vote #1 or #2

    1. I'm dreaming of the bar or the ice cream parlour trolley but the cat could probably do with a place of her own :-)

  2. I am neither pregnant now anywhere near it, but this post has already made me plan my 'bar on wheels' for when I am. What an awesome idea!