Thursday, January 24, 2013

Op Shop Bump Score - Vintage High Chair

This is the highchair I bought yesterday, it needs a bit of tarting up but I can't wait to see Op Shop Bump in there in a few months.

There is no way I'm attempting to start this with my due date less than a week away now though.

I bought it at Carrum United Op Shop and introduced my friend to this store for the first time, for anyone in SE Melbourne it's a great little op shop. It's only open 10am - 3pm Monday - Friday though so a bit limited.

I'll attempt another blog about the other things I picked up but this was the gem I'm thrilled about.Luckily the friend I was with works at "The Man Shop" as her son calls it also known as Bunnings and she's on hand to give me some advice and discounted goods.

She has a great story about her toddler telling someone at a dairy his Mum had just started work in a man's shop, the guy looked very oddly at her unsurprisingly!

Here's some inspiration.

This appears to be the same style chair with a bit more of a polish and gleam about it.

From an Etsy listing
Here are some other old school high chairs that are so sweet.

Lick of paint can change the appearance

From Ablurk sold for $45
Maybe for a blue bump

From Etsy, being listed at $250!
I'm liking the natural and the paint colour mix on this one and it looks like the same chair too.

Pretty cute picture of a chair in action!

Possibly a bit too busy for me but cute

I'll be reading this when the time comes, pink for a girly bump maybe

And yet another tutorial with what looks like the same chair

Any favourites?

Well give me a few weeks once the chaos has settled down and I'll hopefully update with a before and after!

I wonder if Í'll ever get in an op shop again with two in tow!

I hope so!

Please keep on sharing those op shop finds with me on Facebook too :-)


  1. I like them all. My daughter had a really old highchair, it ha a foot rest. Did'nt paint it, just cleaned it up. It had a white paint, scruffed here and there. Don't worry, you'll manage with the two of them . I have four and they were all dressed from op shops. You just get quicker at it !

    1. Thanks Lisa
      I don't think I'd be able to stop or want to stop op shopping now. We make it into a walk normally or a hop on the train, hopefully the new addition will adapt.
      I'm sure I'll improve my op shopping skills to factor a new little one into the equation :-)

      Will spend a week or two deciding before i do anything drastic to it :-)

  2. Love the white one and the Turquoise one :-) Not long now xox

  3. Well I think given you only have one week to go until the stork comes, a delay in any high-chair sprucing up is totally understandable hehe. The high-chair is an adorable find, no matter what state it's in! xx