Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Op Shop Shares

I'm still having trouble getting to as many op shops as I'd like so I figured I best enjoy my op shopping through others whilst Op Shop Baby is keeping me busy!

Here's just a few pictures of the op shop goodies shared on my Facebook page this week.

Shared by Lisa ""Found these two, handmade quilts at the Gawler (S.A.)Community House op shop yesterday for only $2 each"  I love the colours and a crazy price!!

Beautiful handmade quilt

Narelle also has done well ""Check this piece of cut out ply i picked up from the Tip Top Shop for $5!"

Upcycled to.....

""I cleaned it up, sanded it back & now it's my mirror frame! I was very lucky it was the right size for my dressing table & mirror"

A beautiful mirror
Julie found this stunning little metal tea set, sweet colours.  "My 18 year old daughter bought this lovely metal tea set complete with a matching carry case at an Op Shop in Morwell for $4. :)"

Adorable metal tea set and adorable price
Rachel was also feeling the love for polka dots and snapped these up. "Maxwell and Williams babycino cups and matching saucers! $1.99 a set at Cannington Salvos"

Dotty about these - sorry!
Carly shared this corker!  "People have asked what my best op shop find has been and I've never really had an answer....until TODAY!!! What a divine beauty xxx You never know what's waiting to be discovered at your local Op Shop!"

Op Shop Throne!
Now this is one of my favourite op shop finds just because it has made me laugh so much.  Op Shop Jnr has flown everywhere with this!!

And this is what has been keeping me away from as many op shops the past few weeks, I think he's worth it though :-)

Op Sop Baby
If you'd like to share your op shop buys post away on my Facebook page here


  1. Op Shop Baby is gorgeous :) love some of the finds!

    1. Thanks Laura, he's keeping me busy!

      It's lovely to see others enjoying op shops as much as us too.