Sunday, March 31, 2013

What I got at the Op Shop Today - March #2

Quick trip out today as we needed to get a couple of eggs for Op Shop Jnr.

I managed to drop off about six bags of clothes, cookbooks, shoes, crockery at my local Salvos in Chelsea Heights and was given a 15 minute limit.  It's a huge well stocked store so there was no chance I could keep to it, I managed 30 minutes and even then felt I'd missed most of it!

Op Shop Baby scored a pair of new Angry Birds prewalker shoes picked by his bigger brother!

This is what happens when bigger brothers choose your clothes!

Mr Op Shop actually chose something, this is quite rare as he tends to get a lot of clothes at cost from the sports company he works at.  It's a Diff'rent Strokes t-shirt with "what you talkin bout willis" on the back.  I don't really remember the series either, he has got a number of years on me though... well 3.

Gary Coleman
This bring back any memories?

Finally Op Shop Jnr got some shoes also, one size too big but they will keep. 

I bet these will see some running, climbing, falling action!
How have your op shop trips gone?  Feel free to post any links if you blog about op shopping too, I always like to share some on the Facebook page.

Happy Easter all

Op Shop Baby as the Easter Bunny, another one he can blame his big brother on!


  1. Nice finds Vicky! I particularly like the Angry Bird shoes. (It is the BEST game to pass the time with on long bus trips!)

  2. Great finds. I was a big fan of Different Strokes in the 80s. :-)