Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I got at the Op Shop Today - March

It's been a real effort getting to the op shops the past few weeks but things are settling back into a routine since the arrival of Op Shop Baby in February.

I had a rare morning with just the two of us as Op Shop Jnr who turns four soon was otherwise engaged.

My poor little man had his six week jabs so I had no idea how he would take it, it turns out he slept and slept and slept waking just every two hours or so to fill his big belly.

I decided as I didn't have long to treat myself to a couple of hours browsing and here is what I got, really trying to make an effort not to clutter up our house as space is limited.

I did a display of huge rings, I'm guessing a donation from the same person, this was one of the smaller ones.

Silver over sized ring
This is also the number of uninterrupted hours of sleep I got last night, this was good!  The night before I was up at 1am, 3am, 5am & 7am.  This may explain my lack of enthusiasm to do much more than dress, cook and wash with two small children, it passes though.

Most pricey buy of the day at $5

I have also just had a big clear out of clothes, some I haven't worn since arriving in Australia from the UK over five years ago.  It felt good.  I looked for some clothes but only bought a dress for my friends daughter.

Op shop baby got a couple of hats.

One summer one winter 50c each
This also caught my eye, it's not collectible or rare I just love the colour and the image, I'll hang it up as it makes me feel good when ever I see it.  The range is called Childhood Memories by Maxwell & Williams

I love the mint colouring

Boxed and happy at $2
Hoping to actually get to an op shop or two tomorrow as it's Easter Holidays soon and I have yet another morning with just me and bubs.

Hope you're all enjoying the joys of op shopping too.