Friday, July 19, 2013

Photo A Day Op Shop Challenge - The Kids Are In Trouble

I've been lucky enough to get a few responses this week to a set of questions I sent off when I saw the Photo A Day Op Shop Challenge news.

Brighita from The Kids Are In Trouble  has been scouring the racks at the RSPCA op shops responded first. 

C/O Brighita from The Kids Are In Trouble

About the Event

How does it feel being one of the seven restyling bloggers for Perth Fashion Week, excited, nervous, scared?
I feel very privileged to be chosen as one of the seven Restyle bloggers but also a little nervous. Some of the prompts are completely out of character for me so it's going to be a challenge to put my own unique spin on each outfit.
When can you begin picking the clothes from each of your op shop charities or has it already begun, I know I would need time!!
Most of us have already started, I know some of the girls have multiple outfits for some prompts already!
Which days are you most and least worried about, do you already have a passion for polka dots or a knack for accessorising?
Believe it or not, accessories is a daunting one for me. I don't do accessories often, preferring to keep the focus on tailored statement pieces. I'm also quite afraid of Pink! It's the prompt for day one and I haven't even found anything pink yet ;)

C/O The Kids Are In Trouble Backstage at #Restyle2013

About Op Shopping

If you could pick anyone in the world (or no longer here) to spend an afternoon op shopping with who would it be?
Carrie Bradshaw. She had a serious knack for turning the unexpected into a unique outfit.

C/O Coco and Cowe
C/O Fashion From The Heart

What is your most treasured op shop find (clothing, homeware, music, bric-brac...)?
I have two absolute treasures - a striped colourful dress I found at an op-shop sale that fits me like a glove and a metallic silk Perri Cutten skirt from the 80's that I found in a Good Sammies. Both have been consistent pieces in my wardrobe for the last couple of years and I love them!

Fill in the blanks

When I go into an op shop the first area I head for is .........the knit wear section. There is some serious good quality knit and wool pieces kicking around in op-shops. Most of them are older and therefore really high quality, but still with that worn in feel.
The one that got away!  When I saw the ...... 70's black Jumpsuit with psychedelic trim ....... I left it but have regretted it ever since.
The coolest thing I ever saw in an op shop was .....stay tuned! You'll see it on the blog during the Restyle Photo-A-Day Challenge.

Thanks Brighita for answering my nosey op shop related questions and also supporting the ethos of op shopping, good on so many levels :-)  We can't wait for August, I'll be re posting like mad!
Don't forget you can take part anywhere in the world this August too!

C/O Perth Fashion Festival

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