Saturday, July 20, 2013

Photo A Day Op Shop Challenge - Where the styled things are

Give me an E!!!

Next to reply to my Photo A Day Op Shop Challenge was Adelle from Where the Styled Things Are - Thank-you Adelle!

About the event

How does it feel being one of the seven restyling bloggers for Perth Fashion Week, excited, nervous, scared? EXCITED and humbled, and I also feel pretty proud to be one of the restylers!

How has it been working with your op chop charities? The Good Sammy's is a great charity and initiative, they have been so helpful with my hundreds of questions and requests! I hope I serve them well.
When can you begin picking the clothes from each of your op shop charities or has it already begun, I know I would need time!! I have been onto this since I found out, lunch breaks, after work, weekends - always in The Good Sammys!
Which days are you most and least worried about, do you already have a passion for polka dots or a knack for accessorising? Mixing prints for me is's one I have struggled with the most. Neon was hard too - finding neon was hard! The least worried was sequins and metallic.

About Op Shopping

If you could pick anyone in the world (or no longer here) to spend an afternoon op shopping with who would it be? Gok Wan! That man just makes me giggle because he is THAT amazing.
Where would you take them?  Do you have a favourite op shop route? Belmont - op shop mecca!!!!
What is your most treasured op shop find (clothing, homeware, music, bric-brac...): I picked up an Alannah Hill jacket for $20 which retails at $599 - pretty stoked with that!

Fill in the blanks

When I go into an op shop the first area I head for is seal section!
The one that got away!  When I saw the teenage mutant ninja turtle kombi (hahahahaha I know that's weird)................ I left it but have regretted it ever since.
The coolest thing I ever saw in an op shop was.............restyle posters with my face on them!!!

Thank-you again Adelle :-) !!!

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  1. She is pretty awesome , my sister!!
    I can't wait to see her restyle photos because I know she has worked really hard on them AND travelled the countryside to get great shots for this comp.
    My Mum, daughter and myself will be joining in on this fun too!!