Friday, January 31, 2014

For the Love of Doilies

                                       For the Love of Doilies


It is almost a guarantee that whatever Op Shop you walk into, you will find a basket full of Grandma's doilies.

Now I have a love/Hate relationship with doilies. I spent a lot of time at my Grandmothers house growing up and they were everywhere! On the couch, mantelpiece, on top of the toilet. There was not a room free of doilies.
But being the avid thrifter that I am, with a flare for Upcycling, I've decided to try and embrace the doilies!!

Soooo..........A quick trip to the Local Salvo's in Chelsea and $3 later I now have myself a basket of doilies.  Now, what do I do with them?
I seriously do not know how I survived before Pinterest came along! Here are my favorite idea's for some doilie upcycling.
Framed Wall Art
My Favorite Bunting! I love the French feel in this setting

ReStyle a comfy sweatshirt!

Roll a doily into a rose. DIY instructions here
Pin Cushion.
What a great way to reuse your old tins
Why not cut up an old pair of jeans, reuse some old buttons and lace to make yourself a charming doilie bracelet.
Chair cover or Throw

Do you love or Hate doilies?

Lots of Op Shop Love,


  1. I was exactly the same, except it was my MIL house, she made them also. I love the bunting idea, its really pretty. I have seen a table runner where they stitch a heap of doileys together, looks cool and modernised the doiley. I use them alot in packaging gifts.

    1. Never thought of using them as gift wrapping, great idea!

  2. I have bags and bags of doilies my great grandma made and they are a lovely reminder of her. Last year my niece used some for table decorations at her wedding and they looked gorgeous under an array of vases containing posies of flowers. I've also had some incorporated into a quilt. They really are too pretty to leave hidden in a cupboard. I'd love to get some sewn onto bags and woollen hats and gloves too.

  3. Love this post! I have a large vintage linen collection, and I try to restrict my collecting to embroidered linens, but crocheted and other lace doilies have a habit of creeping in, usually given to me by well meaning friends :-)
    I've seen several quilts made with doilies sewn on to a backing and they look great, but they've always been white on white, and I think the doilies tend to get lost, so the concept of putting them on a black or dark background is terrific. Love the bunting too.