Saturday, February 15, 2014

Is this Australia's best secondhand shop?

Guest post by Koren and Alana Helbig of The Little Green House.

In an unassuming little South Australian town, tucked away behind the local post office, sits one of the best dang op shops in the country. Well, we think so.

Hidden away in the Adelaide Hills, this is the stuff of op shop legend. Here you’ll find the most excellent of treasures – designer, retro and everything in between – for just a few dollars. You certainly won’t find ridiculously over-inflated hipster prices.

We likely have the Mission Shop’s location to thank for that. Situated in Aldgate, about a half-hour drive from Adelaide, it’s just far enough that inner-city thrifters don’t often make the trip. Which, of course, means lower prices and tons of excellent items up for grabs.

We popped in a few weeks back and snapped up seven items of awesomeness for a total spend of $30.

We also had a quick chat to Terry, chief volunteer at the Mission Shop. A retired electrician, Terry reckons he never imagined he’d be staffing a secondhand shop. But Terry and his wife Margy are now stalwarts of the place.

“We see a lot of good stuff coming through,” Terry told us. “We had a $200 pair of shoes come in the other day that sold for $5. The prices are dirt cheap.”

He’s right. Here’s a little inventory of our scores:
  • Two retro saucepans: $4.50
  • Complete queen sheet and pillow case set: $5
  • Cute retro biscuit tin: $1
  • Burnt orange lampshade: $4.50
  • Brown Jane Shilton handbag: $5
  • Pink floral A line skirt: $5
  • Vintage gold clutch: $5

We couldn’t be happier with all our goodies. So if you’re in the area, do stop by. Want to know more about the Mission Shop? Head over here.


  1. Brilliant!!!......I have been struggling to find great op shops in the AH since moving from the city and in walking distance of fabulous oppies

    1. Fabulous, Meg! There's another good one just around the corner, run by the CFS. I think it might be on Mt Barker Rd? Love your cute blog, by the way. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Us too! They are super sweet and make cooking just that little bit more fun. :)

  3. Praise the Lord, charity begins at home in the Adelaide Hills. It's lovely to finally come across an op shop that is not an inauthentic take on an exclusive retail outlet. AMEN to The Mission Shop, Terry and Margy for seeing the light.

    Karen from Facebook group at Bowerbirds Journal

    1. Haha, exactly, Karen! I reckon it's far more satisfying to find a treasure if you have to rummage a little anyway. :)

  4. Love love love those bargains! There's nothing better than a funky shop with great deals!

  5. I totally agree, Lori. I love hunting out a good bargain!