Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Op Shop Tragic

I live in country SA and confess a love affair with op shops going back 35 years.  I bought my first item at 14 at Jazz Garter in Sydney.  A pair of kitten heel pointy toe red shoes, they were worn to death.  I loved that shop and went there every week to either look or buy with saved up lunch money.  I still have a bright red cardigan with beads and pearls I bought from there.  

Later on it was Vinnies, Salvos, Red Cross and whatever shop I came across in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.  

A move to WA and Fremantle op shops were a haven for me.  Not just clothes but bric a brac, furniture, books, music and manchester have found love at my house.  

I make jewellery, hair accessories and upcycle hats and bags and the bits and pieces I find in the shops are given new life to be loved by someone else (hopefully).  

Over 12 months ago due to illness I gave up work and I now have the pleasure of volunteering at Salvos, Berri.  

I love the place the people have become another family we are all there for different reasons and all have our own story, my hours are never dull.  I have come across beautiful treasures for my home and family and have an overflowing wardrobe.  My boss is a beautiful person and I love our banter while I'm hanging clothes.  

I recently came across a pair of House of Merivale (Sydney) leather pants that are probably over 30 years old, can only get one leg in them but had to have them.  

Charity shops are my favourite apart from giving back to the community the people who work in these shops work their butts off and are there by their own choice making there own little bit of difference.  So don't walk past, pop in for a quick look.

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