Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Welcome to 'Recycle Love', a fashion show at the Australian Red Cross on Bridge Road.
This is a charity fashion event that we hope will bring attraction to our shop and raise funds for the Australian Red Cross.
We hope the event will be held around May or June 2014 at the
Australian Red Cross Retail Shop - 191 Bridge Road, Richmond Victoria 3121.
We are looking for fashion designers and artists who can generously
volunteer their time and skills to help us create an event about upcycling recycled fashion. This project is for a charitable organisation, so please understand we cannot pay designers but you will be contributing to a worthy cause.
You can be a dressmaker, costumier, jewellery designer, milliner,
shoemaker, or a bag designer - we would love to hear from you.
The idea is to hand-pick preloved items of clothing and accessories
(jewellery, shoes, hats, bags etc.) from our shop in Richmond.
Your objective is to put your love and personal inspiration into them, reconstructing them into creative haute couture quality fashion pieces, which also must be wearable and practical. There should be a balance of creativity and practicality.
We want to appeal to everyday people, but wow them, too. Ask yourself, is this something I could wear and pull off?
You must make a minimum of two items or outfits. Of course, you can
make more if you want to. The garments and accessories must be
professionally finished and sellable.
Please add a touch of red in your work to represent the Australian Red Cross.
Once you have chosen your items, you will have a week to develop your ideas and designs. You will then give a presentation to us.
We will assign you to models, who you can choose if you want a female or male.
We will post frequent updates on your progress over the weeks prior to the event on our facebook page. We hope to attract followers and
customers by giving them a little peek and preview of your creations.
You must submit your finished products two to three weeks prior to the event.
Your work will be featured on a runway and will be on sale at the Red Cross Bridge Road shop on the night of the event. All proceeds will go to the Australian Red Cross.
Dates for selecting items, presentations and submissions are yet to be finalised.
We will select designers for this project based on your application.
Please express your interest by telling us about yourself and what you do, and include a few images of your work and any websites or links if you have any. We will contact you if you are successful.
Please send your applications asap, by Monday 10th March 2014 to
Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards,
Gina and Claire
Australian Red Cross
191 Bridge Road
Richmond VIC 3121

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