Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spoilt for Choice.....

What is a mum of five to do when her youngest child starts school.....op shop for hours on end child-free of course!!

And I could not be more spoilt for choice when it comes to op shops in my local area.  Within a 5km radius of my home in the Nepean area I have at least 8 op shops to chose from...tough I know but somebody has to do it!!!!

Come along with my and I'll give you a little tour....

First up is Anglicare which has fantastic clothing and is always neat and tidy. I can always find some quality bargains here for my girls. They sometimes have a few toys and books etc... but for clothes Anglicare is a must!

Just a short walk down the street we come to Endeavour.  Endeavour has a great range of ladies and men's clothing, they also have kids clothing but I find it a bit limited.  My youngest daughter loves their range of books and toys.  They also have some jewellery, hand bags, scarves, home wares,  books etc.. and the store is quite spacious which I like!

About five or six shops further along we have Salvos....I love Salvos...they have so much all crammed in there!!  The clothes are hung according to colour which is great if I know exactly what I need.  Hours can be lost in there looking through the great range of home wares, books, crockery, knick knacks, fabric, appliances, white goods and furniture.  Once a year our store has a 50% off sale for one day only...it is definitely not to be missed...and makes it so much easier to justify your purchases to hubby!!!

Around the corner we go and we have The Smith Family.  Before my youngest daughter started school we would visit The Smith Family store weekly as it is right next to the bus stop where we would catch the bus home after her dancing lessons.  Each week for about 12 weeks she came home with another teddy bear...because we all need more stuffed toys don't we!!  The Smith Family store is great for clothes and curtains etc..  It has a small little section for knick knacks and miscellaneous stuff....and they have a lot less teddies than they used too!!!

A few blocks away is a little op shop that is off the beaten track and one that I often forget about in my op shop trips!  Whilst only small it has a lot of books and magazines and quite a few ornaments and bric a brac...well worth a look!!

Fusion Hub is not far away.  It is a large store and has some great furniture...in fact the day I went there I had to tear myself away from some lovely pieces.  There are also clothes, books and a lot of home wares, sometimes white goods as well.  There is a little corner up the back that is a bit of a 'make an offer' corner and is often worth a fossick through.

A little further afield, but still only a short drive, we have Vinnies.  Vinnies is located in a busy industrial sort of area so parking can be a bit tricky sometimes but it is usually worth the effort!  The front of the store has the clothing and smaller toys, books etc.. and at the back there is a room which is quite large and houses all of the furniture, exercise equipment, larger toys, and also bric a brac and other bits n pieces.

And last but definitely not least on my op shop list is the lovely little one attached to what I think is a Uniting Church.  I  just love walking through the lovely door and into a world of treasures.  They have everything from clothes to toys, books to home wares.  There is so much to see and browse through.  And they always put some items out the front to entice me inside!!

So there you have a quick tour of my local op shops....so many choices.....what is a girl to do!!!  


  1. You're living in op shop heaven!

  2. Wow! How great it must be to have so many stores close by! In my town we only have a few little stores!

  3. You're so lucky that you have numerous op shops so close by! I have two in my town and about another seven nearby, but you have to drive to get there and they're 14-20km away.