Wednesday, March 19, 2014


YADA are having a $5 bag sale this Saturday 22 March, from 9am to 12pm.  Grab all the clothes you can fit into the supplied  bag for just $5*.  If you put 2 jackets ($4 each) and a shirt ($2) in your bag you'll save $5.  Add a skirt ($2) and a pair of jeans ($3) for a further $5 saving. 

While you're there check out the bookshelf, there are some Monica McInerney, Cathy Kelly and Marian Keyes books new in this week, just 20c each or 6 for $1

*Some sale conditions do apply -  you can only put clothes in the bag (no  kitchenware,  linen, books, toys etc) and you must be able to tie a knot in the top of the bag

YADA Op Shop
Townview Road, cnr Parkside Parade
Mt Pritchard
Mon - Fri
9am to 2pm
Saturday 9am to 12pm

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