Sunday, March 23, 2014

Op shop challenges!

At my op shop I regularly challenge our shoppers to think outside the square and see a purchase as an upcycle project!

I did this once when we had a stack of records that just weren’t moving.  I did some research and found a great way to turn records into bowls!  I made my own, displayed it at the shop, and with every purchase the shopper got an information sheet about how to make the bowl!  We didn’t sell heaps but people loved the idea and many gave it a go!

Another time we had a box of food servers.  I put out the challenge by providing my own upcycle ideas – earring display, hair accessory organiser, sunglass holder!  Once again, sales weren’t ground breaking but some young girls are now hanging their earrings off these things as we speak!

And then there was the humble cutlery holder!  Boring!  I put out the challenge and for $2 it was snapped up!

There are so many interesting and inspiring ideas on the internet – I try to share as many as I can with our shoppers, especially when we have excess stock in something!  Turning gloves into teddy bears?  Why not!  We have a box full!  Making Christmas tree decorations out of jigsaw puzzle pieces?  PLEASE come and buy some boxes!  We have STACKS! Bunting made from doilies?  Look no further!!! 

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