Op Shoppers Wanted - Apply Here!

Like to op shop?

Drop me a message at
 ilove2opshop @ gmail (dot) com
and I can add you to the blog.
You can write about anything op shop related.....
Op shop sales - 1/2 price shoes shout out, coat clear outs, baby bargains.....
Op shop scores
Op shop recommendations
Op shop hints & tips
Photos of what you got at the op shop
Op shop reviews
If you work or volunteer at an op shop you are welcome to join in

This blog is a place to share and promote op shopping and I'd love some more contributions



  1. Sorry, I don't do Facebook or Twitter, but I do have a Pinterest account, although I don't really understand how to use it, so I don't! My only interest online is blogging. I work in the Brotherhood opshop in Eltham, which is a very small shop but very well organised by our manager, and we have a lot of regulars who come because they know the stock turnover is high.
    I contribute to another op shop blog (I Op Therefore I Am).

    1. Hi Gina, drop me a message at ilove2opshop@gmail.com :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Nathalie, drop me a message at ilove2opshop@gmail.com :-)