Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Plus Market

Thanks Erin for sharing this with us

 A Plus Market

In a recent past life I was an environmentalist.
That’s not to say that I'm not one now, but after five years studying ecology, I
was lucky enough to snag paid employment in the environmental sector.
I hoped I was working to save the planet but was, in reality, just working for
the man. I left, disillusioned.
 Flash forward a year or two and I’ve sprouted a child and a mortgage.
 I asked myself, what now?
Could I find fulfilling work where I didn't need to bend my belief in
sustainability and still spend as much time as possible growing and engaging
my child? Was it asking too much?”
Fast forward just a bit more, and I’m the organiser of a 'plus size' fashion fair,
A Plus Market.
It may seem to be simply a fun place to buy a frock, which it is, but it is also
has a sustainable, community-minded ethos behind it. A Plus Market was
born in part from a desire to bring environmentally sustainable shopping to a
whole new audience.
As any 'plus size' woman knows, finding stylish clothes that fit can be
tiresome. Many resort to buying online or from chain stores, ending up with
things they don't really like, or worse, that don't really fit. This just adds to
a growing pile of clothes that no one wears and is just a big, unsustainable
No more, I say.
A Plus Market is an alternative to the throwaway, consumerist world that
fashion can be. Here, ladies from the community offer their pre-loved clothing
and accessories, many near new, being recycled for a song.
And it doesn't stop there. Combating the fast-fashion mass-produced glug,
A Plus Market also showcases local designers, makers and sellers who
celebrate ‘plus size’ women.
This is a fresh take on fashion that hits all the right notes with its
environmental and local community focus.
Come and revel in the rummage; the thrill of the hunt – knowing there is
something there for you – and in your size!
To find out more find A Plus Market's website here and the Facebook page here

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